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Make Phú Quốc a growth engine, PM urges Kiên Giang

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Make Phú Quốc a growth engine, PM urges Kiên Giang

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc delivers speech at working session with provincial officials of Kiên Giang Province. – VNA/VNS Photo Thống Nhất

KIÊN GIANG – Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc yesterday advised Kiên Giang Province to develop Phú Quốc Island into a unique, world-class tourism and resort centre.

This would generate growth momentum for the province as a whole, he said.

The island should become a leading model among three special administrative economic zones in the country, the PM said. 

During a working session with provincial officials, Phúc described Kiên Giang as a “miniature Việt Nam” with an important position not only in economic growth, but also in ensuring national defence, security, and external relations. 

Speaking highly of the province’s socio-economic development over the past several years, he noted that the living standard of locals had improved continually. 

Make Phú Quốc a growth engine, PM urges Kiên Giang

He said the province had done well to develop its marine economy, agricultural production and tourism, while maintaining a sustainable development orientation, he said.

Phúc said Kiên Giang must strive to become a wealthy province based on its natural advantages. It should apply technological advances to tourism, agriculture and aquaculture, as well as supporting and processing industries, he said. 

Phú Quốc Island should be developed into a “precious, big pearl,” attracting more investors and providing fresh momentum for the province’s development, he said. 

He asked provincial authorities to develop breakthrough policies and mechanisms, especially provisions in the Law on Special Administrative Economic Zones, to boost the local economy and ensure residents’ livelihoods. 

He said Kiên Giang should complete development plans for Phú Quốc with vision extending to  三0 and  五0 years, ensuring all steps to maintain the quality of its natural environment. 

It should build modern tourism facilities, diversify co妹妹unity-based tourism, offer tax incentives and encourage investors to join vocational training progra妹妹es for local residents, he said. 

Make Phú Quốc a growth engine, PM urges Kiên Giang

He also stressed that Kiên Giang should study economic restructuring in the context of climate change. 

Make Phú Quốc a growth engine, PM urges Kiên Giang

He asked the Transport Ministry to study the feasibility of establishing a search and rescue centre on Phú Quốc island. 

Kiên Giang boasts a diverse ecological system with great potential for developing agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Last year, it grew  六. 五 七 per cent, higher than the nation’s  六. 二 一 per cent. 

Phú Quốc Island has thus far attracted  二 五 四 projects worth VNĐ 三 七 七. 八 trillion (US$ 一 六. 六 四 billion). – VNS 


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